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We are getting closer

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Hi we are getting more and more closer to the release date for sims 4... to bad i can't play until 4th of september, but it's fine.. the wait is just gonna kill me... lol... as you know houses and stories take some time to produce so it might not be one of them to be uploaded first... my goal is to have atleast 1 video per day and most of these will be Let's Play but i also wanna do a special tutorial in the begining aswell...

stay tuned on this blog i gonna try to use this more than i did before, now when sims 4 comes out.. also i will post all videos i do here on my blog, in case you missed it on youtube.. anyway gonna go back playing some minecraft lol because i don't have sims 3 installed on my new computer... have a nice day.. 

Chrillsims News

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A brand New Chrill

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Changes are coming!

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Hello there fellow Simmers!

Today i wanna  talk about my Channel... and there are not many of you that know this because i worked on this pretty much in security... The Sims 4 is just around the corner now and i worked hard how i want my future channel will look like.. right now you see random sims videos and random update videos well that is not how i want the channel to be... My channel as you may know going to be a Sims 4 Channel now when i get Sims 4 ofcourse and everything is gonna change... now on the new big channel update i will rename my channel from Chrillsims3 to only Chrillsims.. okey so after have worked on my ideas this last month i want to create more content i love and more content you love.. there gonna be fewer Shows on my channel and also not random videos either, i gonna have only 6 types of shows on my channel 3 of the show you already know but i have also 3 brand new shows... Yes! my channel gonna focus more on storytelling but i mix it up with building aswell because this is what i want anyway here is the new shows i plan to start on my Channel:

Show 1: House building

House building is what made me popular and its not going anywhere so don't worry.. but i maybe do some changes... because the biggest problem with house building is the time so i want to make the "process" time shorter and i still working on that part but Sims 4 have no CAS which means that it will take less time i hope. however the time lapse i do to build up the houses maybe gonna change... still gonna work on this part but the main idea is to upload more house on shorter time. 

Show 2: Stories

Stories is something i really enjoy to do and you guys seems to like it aswell... Stories gonna be the same as before because i really like how my stories looks in end no big changes gonna be on this show

Show 3: Room Design (NEW)

this is a idea that i come up with.. and this can only be done in Sims 4, can't really to much about this yet but this is were i design a room in an awesome video then i put it on download in the gallery so you can download it later to put in your houses.. this is like a subcategory to House building

Show 4: Mr. SIm (NEW)

this is short comedy clips of a guy called Mr. Sim.. it gonna funny very short clips maybe around 2 minutes long and this is gonna be like and are inspired by Mr. bean... more info coming when we get closer to Sims 4

Show 5: Let's Play

i gonna have a simple Let's play running on my channel.. because i wanna play sims 4 aswell. this show is what you ganna see most of on my channel... 

Show 6: Machinima/Story Series (NEW)

This is what i wanted to do for the longest time this gonna be a series about a guy and his life..  can't talk to much about it but this but this gonna have big part of the channel there gonna be around 10 episodes in 1 season... you can say this gonna be a subcategory to Stories, i think you gonna like it because i have big plans for it, i already started to write the script for it

so this was 6 shows that gonna be on my channel.. i can also tell that i might gonna take a day in the week where i do livestreaming more info about thats comes later on aswell ofcourse there might be some random videos coming up but not so much :) have a great day

New The Sims 4 Video

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Juliet Audition

Posted on May 10, 2014 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Hi everyone i want your help with my upcoming Sims video here is the Rules and stuff if you wanna play Juliet, and to join is very simple

because i dont know how your voice sounds like or if you have the same personality i want Juliet to have... i just give you one line that your gonna say... when i find the right Juliet i gonna send the rest of the script to that person, if you know what i mean :)


so here is what you need and what you have to do:


___What you need___

you only need a Mic so you can record your voice

and you have to be a girl :) thats all you need..


___What you have to do___

follow these simple steps:

1. record when you say this line:

"we were both young when i first saw you"


2. then send the audio file to my email adress "" or if you can't maybe you send it through Skype or something :P

and thats it... take just a few minutes and when i found the right Juliet i give that person more lines :)


1. don't be shy.. just think that you are speaking to yourself :)

2. try to suound interesting then you get better chance to be choosen

also note that the story is not based on a person talk to another person like real movies... this is a story that being told by a storyteller.. in this case Romeo (Chrill is Romeo) tell the story and Juliet have some lines that will give the commmentary a better touch :P

i really hope many of you can help me with this and i will also give you a nice gift on the sims store to the person that plays Juliet :)

if you have any questions please tell them in comments i will respond to many as i can :) have a nice day



The Sims 4 News: Bella and Mortimer Goth are back!

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Bella and Mortimer Goth are finally back in The Sims 4... we all have nice memories when we played with this family in The Sims 1, now can we play with them in The sims 4, Bella looks wonderful and i wonder what Mortimer reads..

there coming much new pictures on The Sims 4 now because we are just a few months away from the realese of The sims 4...  also a new The Sims 4 Trailer comes on wednesday 14th May i will keep you updated here

Romeo And Juliet - The sims story

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Hello Everyone!

you may know this if you follow me from my facebook and Twitter and i have talked about this a lot lately and this is something i wanted to do for a long time and im finally now doding it.. im gonna work on it until it is finished.. which means no house building projects right now... but i can say that this project gonna be awesome...

i am working on a sims love story and it's about Romeo and Juliet... the story is kind of sad but i wont spoil anything for you guys this gonna be just awesome and i also looking for someone that can play Juliet aswell...and i gonna put more info about the audition on here and facebook so stay tuned... here is a picture of my next sims story:

New poll

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Hello everyone i put up a new poll for you guys where i ask a question i want you to answer so go to my poll page here in my website or click the link below to go to the poll page... im happy for the support you give me much love :)

Go to the poll page here:

Big Changes!

Posted on March 24, 2014 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello there!

its been a while now.. sorry for that i doing an update to this website, but its still work in progress.. but that is not what i wanna talk about today...

today i will announce that i will redesign whole Chrillsims3 and what i mean about this, is that i gonna have a new banner and design on youtube and new video thumbnail pictures aswell to something that will match my style.. i gonna have a new design on facebook and twitter aswell... so basically i gonna do new design and look for everything... but nows the fun part.. i also gonna redesign all my shows aswell.. i asked a quick question on facebook and twitter if they want quantity or quality... and they all basically said quality... so here is my plan i gonna have less shows but the shows that will be on my channel will be more entertaining to watch i will put more time on them...right now i do videos that takes less time to do but forever to take the time to export and upload them for a couple of reasons... i dont want that... it feels like they are not good and i upload them not to often, if you know what i mean...

quality dont mean it gonna take more time than it does today.. but have to make some changes on my channel... it will be more entertaining videos to watch and less update videos i hope... we start with houses, as you know i do something called "let's build" people like it but it does affect my original house videos, i dont have time for two building projects at the same time and it also takes forever to complete a house... so i decied to stop lets build a house series and focus on my real house videos.. and to be honest this is also faster way for you to enjoy my houses and there will be more houses than it is today... when it comes to story they will be my second main show and they will be still here and with less shows i can work more on my movies... then we now have my world and i do a update video and a community house video every weekend but i dont think that is so entertaining so i gonna put the update and community video togehter in 1 video so there will be a house video and a showcase of the world what i have been doing this week and also do some secret things who knows.. i gonna rename it to something i think will sound intresting, what you think?...

also last maybe i do drawing speed videos aswell but i dont know if that gonna be a show or something i do when i feel for it.... so thats all.. all let's play, lets build and random update videos will be gone and then i can focus more on house building and storys... there might be fewer videos but the quality will be better and this also mean that it dosen't have to take long time to build a house, before i had lets build but now i can focus in the real building video as i said before.. and i just also want to say that 1 story video counts as a house video, just to let you know... i dont know what i should do with the minecraft videos tho if you have any ideas let me know...

the idea behind all this is to give my channel a new fresh start and start over and we maybe can give the channel more life than it is today... so all i want to say is that i gonna do a whole makeover of my channel..

have a nice day!